Tuesday, 9 March 2010

First Video

Finally, I've finished my Trailer for the series of videos I'm creating (with a little help from some friends) about Lost Perfect World. It's only a minute long and some of the effects are... dodgy to say the least, but it's the first thing I've made in Adobe Premier so I'm pretty happy with it.
I realised when I was uploading it that I shouldn't have used a Widescreen format, but that will be changed in the next video.

Plans are in place for the first proper part of the video, but it's on hold until I can get footage of characters from the Lost server.

Anyone that would like to be involved can drop me a line on the LostPW forum or comment here, but please note you will have to have a LostPW account, or be willing to record a voice-over and have me use it.

Oh my days, I think I just gave away a little of my plan ;)

Anyway here's the vid, enjoy and feel free to comment!

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