Wednesday, 3 March 2010

First Steps

Lately, I've been looking at starting out into soap making and other crafts as a way of making a little bit of money for myself while I'm looking for full-time work.
I've always made things, as long as I can remember I haven't been happy unless I'm creating something, whether it's writing stories (I have one that's been slowly growing since I was 15) or painting, making papier mache or trying the latest kid-fad like friendship bracelets or scoubidous.
So I'm putting my mediocre skills to work and I think it'll be interesting if I keep a blog of my progress, plus it will give me more reason to keep working on, and even finish some projects for once!

Right now I have three projects that I'm working on.
One is a painting as a wedding present for my best friend. I think it'll be a lovely and personal gift, and seeing as they have just about every practical thing for their house, it'll be nice to have something decorative. I'm split between ideas for it though. I first thought of a close-up of a couple's hands, holding on to each other and symbolising unity.
Second is my video! My first time using Adobe Premier and I've decided to make a small series of videos based around Lost Perfect World, a Perfect World MMO private server that I play. It will be the tale of an alien/native species hybrid and her struggles in the world. So far I have about 20 seconds of intro but I'm proud of the quality. No blue background, white text combo for me! The server is currently down for maintenance, so progress is halted for a while, but the developers there are usually speedy and I'm expecting a large update when they get back.
Finally, there's my big new project. Soap making. I looked at some interesting crafts on the web, eventually bought Making Candles and Soaps for Dummies from eBay and I'm stuck on the idea. This is my big project, my money-maker (hopefully) and what's going to take most of my time once I have it all set up. Currently, I'm gathering what's left of the things that I'll need to make melt and pour soaps. Some might say this isn't "true" soap making, because the glycerin soap base is pre-made, but I'll be spending time making it into beautiful creations with wonderful colours and scents. Once I'm set-up I'll be testing my creations on friends and family to get a good opinion, then if everything is good to go, I'll set up an eBay shop and delve into being a cottage industry.

That's all for today, I'm just waiting now to win an eBay auction for a bargain set of supplies! Fingers crossed!

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