Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Craftjuice Tuesday 23rd March (late)

Wow, I forgot it was Tuesday! So caught up making my first batch of soaps today (I'll probably post pics and a description about those tomorrow when I've found the lead for my camera.

For now, this is a speedy Craftjuice Tuesday with a couple of PURPLE things I saw and want. I have an obsession with all things purple and rarely go out without something purple on :D

There's an Octopus in my bathroom! by TwinDreams

I am so impressed with the detail on this soap! It looks gorgeous and I'm sure it would be one of the ones that I'd not use until he started to lose his shape a bit or get dusty!
I wonder what octopus smells like...

Orchid Cuttlefish Necklace by Noadi
I think there's another accidental theme going on here! Cephalopods unite! But isn't he adorable? Look at those cute, innocent eyes! Beautifully hand sculpted with a lovely attention to detail and personality!

Purple Haze Treasure Necklace by VintageKitschMagpie
Now this would be just great for me! I don't wear bracelets but I've always wanted a charm bracelet because they're so cute! I love how all the little things here just go well together and I think it might just have inspired me to start looking into making myself a charm necklace!

That's all for my (slightly late in the day) post for today! There's clearing up to be done and an Other Half to keep from prodding my setting soaps when he gets home!


Glitz and Glamour said...

Lovely choices. I really like the Cuttlefish, it looks quite cute in a cuttlefish sort of way

Melanie said...

Heehee that's what I thought, he's sort of shy with his tentacle all curled in front of his face.

irishsetter said...

That soap is a bit creepy for my liking,great detailing though as you said.

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