Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Craftjuice Tuesday!

Well, my first list for Craftjuice Tuesday!
For those of you that don't know what Craftjuice is, or let alone what Craftjuice Tuesday is, let me explain a little. Craftjuice is a site where people can show off their best hand-made crafts. You don't have to have anything to show to join up and all members can vote for the pieces that they like the best. Anything with 5 or more votes will be put on the front page and thus generate the crafters more advertising, just for being a great creator!
On a Craftjuice Tuesday, members of the Crafts Forum blog about their favourite things on Craftjuice!

I think my first theme is going to be my first love, all things wacky and just a bit unusual! Things that make me laugh because frankly, they're inspired! There are many, many gorgeous things that I could post, and I'm having some trouble keeping the numbers down, but here are a few things that I just love!

First up is a pair of Bacon Drop Earrings by BirdcageCreative.
Bacon? In earrings!? I love it! It's wacky AND a tiny version of something edible! That just makes it perfect in my eyes. I would certainly wear something like this. I wonder if they do a matching fried egg necklace...

Next is a Naruto Cupcake Necklace by glamasaurus!
It's Naruto! In a cupcake! Haha, chibi things make me giggle like a schoolgirl and frankly, who wouldn't want a Noisy Ninja in a cake! It's a fabulous little figure made even better by being set in something almost as random as Naruto himself. Very true to the spirit of the cartoon, even if it never really happened. ^.^

Now here's something that made me laugh a little too. A Little Wooden Pendant featuring a Chirpy Cricket by geelizzie.
I don't know why, but that little cricket sounds so sarcastic to me! "Chirp. Yes, I chirp." It's a gorgeous and very understated necklace but the details are fantastic, and I think it's my favourite of geelizzie's necklaces, though I could happily buy them all if money were no object!

Just in time for Easter, we have a Buzzy Blue Easter Bunny Robot by RobotsAreAwesome.

Maybe this is the future of the Easter Bunny? In years to come he may be too old to bounce around and hide eggs for all the little ones, so he builds this springy bunny-bot to lend a helping hand. Hey that's my little fantasy! I love the character behind this bunny-bot, he just looks like he could hop around all day spreading geeky-Easter-happiness!

Now, last but not least... Monkey Farts Soy Candle by AromaFields.
I know this is an old posting, but as I was going through I just saw the name of the candle and did a double take! I love it! Of course, it's nothing disgusting and the scent is described as "...a combination of fresh ripe bananas, juicy grapefruit with hints of strawberries and vanilla. Light and refreshing!" Just like a monkey fart! I love it, an imaginative name for what sounds like a scrummy smelling candle.

I guess that's all for this week, folks. I hope I did this right or I'm going to let the crafters down!
I'll blog again soon as I have an "informal job interview" today and then off to get the last of my supplies for soaping (apart from what I've ordered online). Eep! Things move so fast one week and so slow another!


Abi said...

thanks for featuring my bacon earrings! and great picks, love the cupcake necklace

Minky Magic said...

Nice selection! I really liked those bacon earrings too!

Aroma Fields said...

Thank you for featuring my "Monkey Farts" scented soy candle!

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