Friday, 5 March 2010

Epic Clear-Up

So, I won the auction, I have just about everything I need to start making some tester soaps on the way to me! (Not looking forward to missing the postman as it's going to be something close to 5Kg! And I think my postman doesn't bother to deliver anything that's more than one bit of paper in an envelope, but don't get me started on that.) I'm excited to finally get started but before that, there's a whole room to clear out. It was our lodger's bedroom and though he officially moved out back in January, there's still a lot of his stuff in there, not to mention the bed and chair taking up room too, so there's not much space to move!
As I've said before, I plan on taking over a good half of the room and setting it up as a sort of studio. Our kitchen is tiny so it's not really practical for me to use it and get all of my stuff out of the way before dinner. There's a set of shelves I think I can salvage at least some of and a lot of wood hanging about that we were going to make a wall with at one point. After drying the damp out of the room, I'm going to make a nice long workbench with plenty of room for everything, including the old microwave I laid claim to so I don't have to walk to the kitchen and back with sloppy soap!
Yeah, up until now there's not been a lot of jobs finished around our house, but along with this new hobby, I plan on motivating us to get things done that need finishing. A freshly tidied room always makes everything else look bad, right?
So today, my fella's getting off work early and after a couple of really important things get done, I'm going to try and get him to help me move some things, that's if he can get some boxes from work. When I was a kid, you could get cardboard boxes anywhere! But now with the big save the Earth thing, people are just putting them for recycling without actually giving me a chance to use them again first! Does that seem like a backwards step to you?

Anyway, there's the eternal housework to get on with, so that's it until I get something else done that's blogworthy.


Michelle said...

Congrats on your etsy win and good luck with your soaping ventures. You'll love it :)

Michelle said...

Ok. I posted etsy when I meant ebay. I have etsy on the brain.

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